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Show Pictures!

From Thea Grindeland:

Hi Everyone!

Here is the link to follow to see day 1 and day 2’s photos.   We tried
to sort them by horse but some pictures ended up scattered so you may
want to sort through.  There are about 75 pictures still loading from
day one.  The process has been taking a long time today and I am sorry
but keep checking back if yours haven’t loaded yet. (they should be
loaded within the next couple of hours)

The pictures have a number on the bottom left hand corner when you
scroll over the picture.  Send me an email with the numbers you are
interested in and we will get them to you!  If you have any questions
just send me an email.  We have a new set up and there might be

Thea Grideland

Final Scores 2015

FEH Yearlings

FEH 2 Year Olds

FEH 3 Year Olds

NEH Finals

YEH 4 Year Olds

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YEH 2015 Omnibus Details

YEH 2015 Omnibus details


Final Results 2014

Final Results FEH 2014 ~ yearlings

101HSH QredibleApril Hays71.85
102HSH Royal HarmonyApril Hays73.756
103BeaujolaisJessica Gladney78.32
104San Marcos De ColonJean Corbett Fowler80.551
105ApolloBrittany Kart73.55
106Fascination WTStephanie Kosloske75.754
107Mischief Managed RSDawn Buis70.9
108Brambleridge Avril SparrowMegan HarrisSCRATCH
109Dam RemarkableJulie Memler73.15
110CasablancaJulie Memler75.45
149BerceuseLaura Carter76.253

Final Results FEH 2014 ~ 2 y/o

111Mighty Handsom SQFBeth Stelzleni75.23
112West CoastJean Corbett Fowler73.654
113Elusive CatchChristy Froemke72.156
114Q-StarKatharina Huenermann75.52
115Brambleridge Truth or DareMegan Harris72.55
116Maudlin's Miss AmericaNancy Buchanan69
117Covert AffairJessica Cardot77.551

Final Results FEH 2014 ~ 3 y/o

118Dat's Mien DeernElly Schobel81.21
119FilomenaBrittany Kart71.75
120Bastille De FransicoSharon Gardner74.72
121Wapz Hot DanHolly Breaux74,253
122Fearless Faith RSDawn Buis73.754

Final Results YEH 2014 ~ 4 y/o

123The GuardyanElly Schobel11.7824.85RETIRED
124Jackie OSarah Lutz11.121.731.965,55
125Bigtime Chesterland's InspirationLauren Eckardt10.726.636.774.01
126GallifreyDevon Olivier
127RuneElisa Wallace11.4325.1331.573.113
128Drumfields IncognitoLauren Alexander 10.9223.173266.094
129FirestoneMary Bess Sigman Davis11.7324.2937.873.822

Final Results YEH 2014 ~ 5 y/o

130Original DesignApril Hays11.0325.0635.8571.94Area III Adult Riders Award
131Applause 54Beth Perkins11.7527.342.581.551
132FireflyAshley Leith12.4524.9238.7576.124
133KilbegganHillary Irwin10.9124.5738.0573.53
134Love Like CrazyBonnie Mosser11.6624.9239.275.785
135Redeeming GraceHillary Irwin11.8526.4639.377.612
136B NobleJane Anderson11.2124.0136.671.82
137Evita-VeronKim Keeton12.5727.8635.976.333
138F.E. Money MadeElinor MacPhail11.8224.1538.374.27
139De Luetje MFMollie Zobel12.924.6436.7574.296
140Ultimate SeaQretRick Wallace12.4125.0636.874.27

Final Results NEH 2014

141Oxer Farm BetoMary Jeffery7.1818.36
142Alter EgoAbbey Dondanville7.5823.7622.3822.876.521
143Big City BoyAllisa Huestis7.1320.8822.2621.371.576
144FrankieJessica Cardot7.3720.7623.3722.273.74
145Simply SealyDawn Buis7.2719.522.8321.370.9
146Liberty BellMichelle Blair Jones6.8721.623.722.274.373
147Invitation OnlyLiz Heiden7.522.3822.8322.575.212
148CSH Cyd CharisseSusan Thomas7.2321.4822.7721.973.385