LUCINDA GREEN Succeed Master Series Cross Country riding clinic

Lucinda will be making her first trip to Tryon to teach at our new facility:

Centerline Ridge Farm

Date:  Friday/Saturday – November 18/19, 2016

Day I:  at Centerline Ridge

Day II:  at FENCE

(stabling available at the Kidd barn at FENCE)

Details to follow on Facebook and new Centerline Ridge website

email Carolyn with any ???

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Centerline Ridge Farm, the new property in Tryon, North Carolina that is now home for the Cadiers, is nearly ready for training guests.

There is a new full size dressage ring with high quality silica sand and the competition blend of GGT fiber.

Additionally the cross country field is being developed.

MARK THE DATE:  first clinic will be LUCINDA GREEN    NOVEMBER 18-19, 2016

Watch for a new website that will detail the upcoming events and on-going progress of our new equestrian facility.

Cedar Ridge Farm in Athens continues to be an excellent training and boarding facility.

Stalls are available.

YEH/FEH/NEH 2016 Show Cancellation

Dear Competitors:

Due to a lack of entries as of the closing date (or a trend to indicate general numbers of participants) we are regrettably unable to host the show this year.

Next year we will plan to host at CRF as well as at a new facility in the Tryon area.

Many thanks to our devoted participants, we look forward to the next show.

The Cadiers

Professional Handler for FEH

Anke Boersma once again is available to be our professional handler for the FEH series.

She has successfully handled many over the years for this show, and it is highly recommended to use her services.

Please contact her directly at :


It is most helpful if she knows how many ahead of time, so we are very well organized and the youngsters are happy and well behaved!