Rings & Jumps

The barn is conveniently located next to a 106’ X 210’ Permaflex lighted arena, but with a natural screen of trees separating the barn from the arena view.  The arena has a covered gazebo for viewing with easy access from the barn.

Cedar Ridge Farm has a large, approximately 18 acre, grass training area which has a grass gallop perimeter of ½ mile.  There are numerous cross-country fences including ditch and bank, trakehners, several roll tops and various log fences with many others under construction.  A water complex was completed in March.  The cross-country area was recently reconfigured and redesigned by Olympic 3-day rider John Williams.

In addition to the arena and cross country area there are numerous trails, creek crossings, and a second grass jump area with permanent natural fences which also occasionally is set with show jumps.  Our adjacent neighbors permit trail riding and use of their hills for conditioning.