Training & Rehab

Fees for schooling at CRF:

XC (unlimited time):  $45.00
Use of arena:  $30.00 per hour
Access to property for hacking/trail riding etc.:  $45.00 (unlimited time)

Outside trainer fee:  $25.00 (Regardless of student group size)  If on a horse, must pay access fee.

CRF Equine Rehabilitation – NEW!!

Equine Rehabilitation Services

Orthopedic or lameness issues, wound care, monitored exercise done according to prescription from referring veterinarian

Ultrasound treatments available by registered physical therapist

Consulting services available from UGA – Dr. John Peroni

Board/care:    $30/day    (includes – stall, bedding, cleaning, feeding including supplements, hay (grass/alfalfa), daily monitoring, blanketing, wrapping and grooming)

Additional fees:

  • Grain
  • Leg wraps/bandages
  • Medications
  • Supplements

Medical supplies   (all may be supplied by client)

Transportation available: $1.50/mile – local area

Ultrasound treatments:  $25.00/treatment

Prescribed exercise:  $15.00/hour – in hand,  $25/hour – under saddle

Wound care:   $25.00/treatment – supplies not included

All desired treatments must be delineated in writing by client veterinarian or consulting veterinarian.  Signed release and board agreement also must be signed and on-file prior to horse arrival.  Board must be pre-paid for initial expected lay-up and additional fees will be billed thereafter on monthly basis.